Man dies in girlfriend’s room after taking excessive long journey pills

A 24-year-old man met his untimely death after he visited his girlfriend in Obuasi Akaporiso.

According to the Girlfriend, his boyfriend suddenly became motionless on the bed and she rushed to call for help thus later taken to the Obuasi SDA hospital.

The Adansi youth stormed the SDA hospital in Obuasi to find out what exactly filled their friend and they were told by the Doctors that their friend died as a result of too much intake of sex-performing drugs.

The young men were now left amazed as their earlier suspicion were rather false. They thought as much the girl might have killed him through poisoning.

Apparently, the girlfriend was held hostage as the first suspect but after the medical examination by the doctors, it proved that the young man died as a result of an overdose of the PED.


Kesbben fm reports.


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