Man ready to burn church building after his pastor chopped his girl in front of him

This is an episode that happened to me, my 26 years of age sister, and my minister yesterday.

There is a little debate among me and my sister and our minister called us to settle the issue so we can live calmly as a family.

We at that point went to the minister’s home at another site around 6:00 pm. At the point when we arrive, our minister invited us, and began settling the issue, when it got to 8:30 pm, chosen to return home, quickly we saw hoodlums attacking the minister’s home, we as a whole chose to run, yet they offered an admonition chance. Indeed, we halted where we were, one of the hoodlums went into the minister’s room and delivered the minister once again from the room.

The criminals mentioned cash and our telephones since they encouraged us we will call the police. One of the cheats says “who is the minister”? Also, we as a whole pointed finger at our minister, they hauled our minister in front and advised him to hack my sister else they will slaughter him, I began crying and shouting yet one gave me a major smack and I tumbled down.

If my minister won’t chop my sister, they will murder him, I attempted to ask yet couldn’t win, and quickly, I saw my minister grabbing hold of my sister before us, lose himself to begin it. My sister forestalled the minister yet my minister said, she ought to permit him to cleave him so that, they will save their lives.

One guy slapped my sister too, and the minister loosed himself, loosed my sister and he slashed her before me.


Promptly, the arm looters removed our telephones, whiles the minister couldn’t resist them. He enjoyed my 26-year-old sister till she began draining till I sent her to the clinic for treatment and announced the case to the police today in one of the towns in the eastern locale.

I am thinking of burning our building. Please give me an advice.


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