Meet Ghana’s green tea advocate Leo Lyrixs, aka Ataya Gad

Meet Ghana’s green tea advocate Leo Lyrixs, aka Ataya Gad
Ataya is a Senegalese cultural drink. It is made from Chinese gunpowder green tea, mint, and sugar, mostly brewed in three stages in a kettle over hot coals. The green tea gives various health benefits, some of which include; lowers cholesterol level, boost immune system, and works on the lining of blood vessels.
Leo Lyrixs has been promoting this rich culture in diverse ways. Popular known on Social Media as the Ataya Gad, his innovative ways of making this drink has caught the attention of many who gather from far and near to share in the experiences.
Over the years he has been able to amass a huge fan base and followers who call themselves “Ataya Nation”. His laudable display of photographs depicting the culture of making Ataya at gatherings and other invitations are marketing steps he takes in promotiing the culture.
Leo Lyrixs is also a Ghanaian creative (a Publicist/PR and Strategist). He was born on May 14, and hails from Ningo-Prampram, in the Greater Accra Region.
Some of the events he has been invited to includes;
• Brunch In Marrakech at Sandbox (Moroccan visit to Ghana)
• Chenku Saturday’s with Ghana Is Beautiful tours
• Kenkey Feast (two successful editions)
• Ataya End Of Year Party (two successful editions)
The gem looks to a possible grand scale festivities with the culture. His passion and commitment to this course is laudable and we wish him all the best in his endeavors.
Facebook: Leo Lyrixs
Twitter: @leolyrixs
Instagram: @atayagad

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