Men, four(4) things to know about a woman’s breast

According to mental health, this organ’s function does not limit its breastfeeding or to just being pressed during a romance session, there is truly more to it.

However, below are four (4) things men should know about the woman’s mammary gland (Breast).


The National Institute of Health, affirms that in women, hormones progesterone and prolactin increase about a week or two before their next menstruation. This is a big sign for some women, to know their next menstrual period is closed by, even you may easily guess that she is close just by a glance. This is because, when the aforementioned components increase, her body will retain more fluids, which will lead to growth in the size of her breast tissue and milk glands. So, after menstruation, the breast may return to its normal state.


Nipple stimulation has been known to activate the part of a woman’s brain that lights up with genital litigation, otherwise known as the medial paracentral lobule. Therefore it is always good to lick and caress with your hand, every part of her breast, including the nipple and it is very important to do it without a rush as the proper estimated average time to do that, is about 20 minutes and her response time may be varied, according to different women nature.


According to Keri Peterson, M.D., an internal medicine physician and Women’s Health medical contributor, “About one-quarter of all women have one breast that is larger than the other” and this is supposed to be a thing of shame, it is known as breast asymmetry and it is truly caused by abnormal secretion of some hormones.

Women’s breasts are independent beings that respond to estrogen differently during puberty, and in most cases, the left side usually dominates because of its higher immune hypersensitivity. So, it is very normal but if she is feeling lumps or increased tenderness, it could be signs of infection, cysts, or even breast cancer, hence the need to see a doctor.


Anytime you notice something like lumps, even though some lumps are normal and are not cancerous, these kinds of lumps are caused by hormonal changes, such as a cyst, which usually feels like a soft grape or a fibroadenoma. But yet it is in her breast interest to see a doctor without further delay, so get her to do that just to be sure that everything is normal.

Millheiser advises women to be going for an annual or biannual checkup, especially if such a person has a history of breast cancer in their family line


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