Minister Bans Hotel Conferences



Minister for Gender and Social Protection, Mrs Cynthia Morrison, has issued a ban on all hotel conferences and events sponsored by her ministry except for programmes where funding has been pre-arranged or already concluded. According to the directives, all programmes of the ministry must be held in communities where the beneficiaries and other stakeholders reside.


The order is expected to increase public engagement and efficient execution instead of the usual practice of transporting a few of them to Accra and other big cities, cutting off mostly the ordinary people who often are the target of their programs.


Mrs Morrison said both her office and donors attention has been drawn to the increasing cost of event venues for workshops and outreach programmes, a cost she said could judiciously be used for other very crucial social intervention programmes in communities where the need is more pronounced and the impact more real. “I know people will not like me for this decision but we have to spread the benefit to more of those who need it instead of spending it in fanciful hotels,” she added.

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