NAGRAT Tarkwa demands the hidden List of Transfer grant beneficiaries to be published


Due to the delay in government payment of transfer grants, the National Association of Graduate Teachers embarked on strike to draw government attention in order to make prompt payment. Fortunately the strike action yielded good result and this made the government quickly released an amount to settle all debts concerning transfer Grant’s and other issues.

Teachers at Tarkwa Education unit are really saddened with the treatment melted on them after the government released the fund to be disbursed to the appropriate Educational unit. Since when it was announced publicly, teachers have been trooping in and out of the Tarkwa Education office to claim their rightful share of the money, but the officers in charge of the disbursement has been doing hide and seek with their share to the extent that even qualified list of Teachers has not been placing on the notice board for the qualifiers to know the true list from government.

“The only verbal information they were being told was 37 teachers list is what they have with them for payment, then they said, publish the list so they can ascertain the truth which will inform them the next line of action to take to retrieve their rightful transfer Grant’s but all efforts came to no avail”.

Interestingly, some unscrupulous among them have wrongfully deducted some money from the few lucky ones and this is the officers in connection with the transfer grant. I wish to state that, the money is for teachers and no one has the right to take a bit of it. It is a calculated attempt to milk themselves. Just publish the list that came from Accra for fairness and transparency sake.

Moreover, they have refused to disclose the list from the government, they are giving them just a few days to act upon their request otherwise they should expect strong agitation from members.

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  1. I’m a teacher in Bosome Freho district from the Ashanti region. We the teachers in the district have the privilege of seeing the list of the approved teachers of which I’m part. But information reaching us is that our district director says we do not qualify even though our names are on the approved list. Teacher Unions must truly rise and fight for their members

    1. Ahhh how, this is unacceptable. This is why Blackstars players always want money before they play for Ghana. Your director doesn’t think about you guys. They want to chop the money alone. People in government high offices are the most greedy & corrupt.. God help us

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