NDC will remain in opposition forever if they keep marketing John Mahama

The Firebrand renowned organization in the New Patriotic Party called New Patriotic Party Youth Organization (NPPYO), has called on National Democratic Congress not to market and vote for former President John Mahama as Presidential hopeful come 2024 elections.

This, they said, is due to the fact that president Nana Addo has performed better in the past four years than the last NDC government. If they mistakenly elect John Mahama as a presidential candidate come 2024 elections, when they go for congress, then NDC would be lack a marketable candidate when they lose the 2024 general elections, they added.

NPPYO testifies that John Mahama was a Vice President and President for eight years but he couldn’t change Ghana’s economy as compared to the current government exerting positive efforts to fixing Ghana’s economy.

According to NPPYO, they have challenged the NDC communicators saying that it is not about what you say in opposition. It’s about what you did while in government. What matters ultimately to Ghanaians is how those two leaders were able to manage the economy effectively and efficiently to alleviate the suffering of the Ghanaian populace when they were given the chance to serve.
It’s undoubtedly obvious to every Ghanaian that the current NPP government has performed distinctively relative to the previous NDC government led by Former president John Mahama. The following below are the significant records that differentiates the two:

1. As a result of economic mismanagement, John Mahama took us to the IMF for a bailout and Nana Addo government exited Ghana from the IMF program.

2. John Mahama presided over four years dumsor. Nana Addo’s government has kept the light on.

3.John Mahama presided over a collapsing national ambulance system. Nana Addo government has implemented one constituency, one ambulance policy (saving lives).

4. John Mahama presided over massive graduate unemployment. Nana Addo has created jobs for graduates in both private and public sectors including the massive live changing avenue NABCO, and still aiming to create about 150,000 jobs as targeted.

5. Under the government led by John Mahama, public sector recruitment was frozen in many department due to bad international negotiations and agreements. Meanwhile Nana Addo has renegotiated on that same policy to pave way for public sector recruitment and hired over 550.000 people to keep the economy working.

6. Under the leadership of John Mahama, fees were charged for post graduate medical training in Ghana. Nana Addo’s government abolished the fees for post graduate medical training.

7.Under the leadership of John Mahama, Kayayei were charged daily of market tolls. Nana Addo has abolished market tolls for Kayayei.

8.John Mahama abolished Teachers’ training allowances. Nana Addo government has restored it.

9. John Mahama cancelled Nursing training allowances, meanwhile Nana Addo’s government has restored it.

10.John Mahama abolished Arabic instructors’ allowances, meanwhile Nana Addo’s government has restored it.

11. Under John Mahama’s leadership, parents paid for the cost of BECE and WASSCE exam registrations, meanwhile, Nana Addo’s government has absorbed the cost of BECE and WASSC exam registration.

12. John Mahama could not achieve the implementation of the National ID card, whilst Nana Addo has implemented and brought to operation the National ID card.

13.John Mahama had no policy to address the needs of Zongo and Inner city communities. Nana Addo government has established the Zongo development fund and the Ministry for Inner city and zongo development which are addressing the pressing needs of Zongo and inner city communities.

14.John Mahama pledged but failed to create new regions, meanwhile Nana Addo promised to and has fulfilled his promise by creating six new regions.

On the basis of the performance records, the current leadership of this country, Nana Addo has performed tremendously better relative to the disastrous outcomes under the leadership of John Mahama. Going forward, we can continue to trust and rely on NPP governance in the next four years and beyond.



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