One(1) simple way to hide your phone number when making calls

I want to show you how you can hide your phone number while making calls, just by using this simple code.

Whenever you hide your phone number while making calls, the person you are calling will not be able to see your name or your number, hence only “Private Number” will be displayed on the call receiver’s phone screen.

Hiding of phone number may be that the caller doesn’t want to reveal his caller ID. That is he doesn’t want the receiver to know who is calling.

Sometimes it may be that someone owing you refused to answer your call. Or your girlfriend/boyfriend refused to answer your call.

Sometimes it may be that you just want to test the trust of your spouse by hiding your number to pose as another person.

Which ever way, the purpose of hiding a phone number for calls is best known to the caller.

Some phones have this feature in the settings, while some don’t have.

But whether a phone has the setting or not, this simple code works on every phone.

I know you may be aware of it before now, but I just want to share it for those that may not be aware.

Then How Can You Hide Your Number?

It’s very simple!

Just dial #31# in front of any number you want to call. Once you do that, your caller ID will not be displayed to the receiver. The receiver will only see “Private Number” calling.

For example, if I want to hide my number to call this number: 08063582017.

I will dial:👉 #31#08063582017

That’s all! I have hidden my number.

Note: This code does not reset anything on your phone. Your calls are just normal as usual once you didn’t add #31# in front of any number you want to Call.

This often work for Nigeria numbers

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