Our Water Is Clean and Healthy – Bel-Aqua Dismisses Smear Campaign

Blow Chem Industries, manufacturers of Bel-Aqua Mineral Water has dismissed the viral video on social suggesting their product is unhealthy. The company It wants the public to disregard such claims, stating that its products are certified by the Foods and Drugs Authority.

In a statement signed by its Head of communication Emmanuel Quist, Blow Chem said: “Management of Bel-Aqua Mineral Water wishes to educate members of the general public on healthy ways to transport and store bottled-water in order to avoid contamination in the wake of a video in circulation which is alleging algae growth in a bottle of Bel-Aqua purchased by an alleged customer.”

It added: “We wish to emphasize that Bel-Aqua is produced under the strictest hygiene and health conditions supervised by the Food and Drugs Authority, which ensures that the water produced is kept whole and fresh until consumption.

“However, this quality, just like any other bottled water, and by extension, any manufactured product, may be compromised if not handled properly during transportation and storage leading to post-factory contaminations like the current case in point.”

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