Over 2000 students fail Ghana School of Law entrance exams.

Over two thousand (2000) students failed to gain admission into the Ghana School of Law in the 2021 entrance exams.

According to the results released by the authorities of the school, only 28 percent of the students who sat for the exams passed.

790 out of 2,824 candidates passed the exam, per the results.

This development contrasts a favorable results for the students who wrote the exams last year. In 2020, where 1,045 students out of 2,763 passed the entrance examination.

Admission into the Ghana Law School has been a contentious issue of the past few years in relation to the number of students that pass the entrance exams.

Critics have said the General Legal Council deliberately restricts people from gaining access to legal education.

In 2019, only 128 candidates out of a total of 1,820 passed the exam. In 2017, 500 students were admitted into the School, with 450 students admitted in 2016.


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