Pastor Impregnates Daughter, Connived With Nurse For Several Abortions

Earlier this year a lot of religious leaders were accused and found guilty of sexual related scandals. Some of them did it with their daughters while some did it with another man’s wife or their church members.

In this article, we will check out how a CAC pastor was found guilty of impregnating his daughter three times after the daughter reported the case to the Nigeria police force through the help of a non – governmental agency.

The name of the Christ Apostolic Church Pastor that was found guilty of impregnating his daughter three times is Oluwafe Oyebola. He is the Pastor in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Ogo – Oluwa assembly at Owode Egbado in Ogun state. He was accused of raping his daughter on several occasions that led to pregnancy in which he always force the daughter by taking her to a nurse to abort it.

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The daughter is a 24 – year – old young lady but her name was not revealed due to the technicality and security of the case on the part of the daughter. The daughter reported her father, the Pastor at Owode – Egbado police divisional headquarters. It was revealed that the father who is a pastor have been raping the daughter since the year 2015, few months after the death of the daughter’s mother who is also the pastor’s wife.

Pastor and Nurse

While reporting the case, the daughter said she got pregnant three times and her father terminated the three pregnancies and after the third one, he did family planning for her to prevent further pregnancy. The daughter said she got tired of everything as her father is on the verge of spoiling her life because of his pleasure.

The Pastor’s daughter was assisted by a non – governmental organisation known as Advocacy for Children and Vulnerable Person Network. Through this non – governmental organisation, the Pastor was officially reported to the police for sexual assault on his child and he got arrested and paraded with the nurse helping him with abortion.

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