Photos: Okada man stabs a man to death

Okada man has stabbed a man to death at Abesan Estate in the Baruwa/Gate area of Ipaja on Monday morning, April 4.

Spokesperson of the State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, who confirmed the incident said that the suspected killer had been arrested while an investigation is ongoing to ascertain what caused the clash.

According to a witness, the deceased identified as Inawo had tried to intervene during an altercation between the Okada rider and pregnant passenger only for the suspect to stab him with a knife.

“Bike man had an altercation with his pax (pregnant woman). Woman slapped him and he punched the woman’s mouth (o for Le nu)… The ticketer…a.k.a Inawo… Intervened like what’s your problem… Bike man stabbed Inawo with him” the witness narrated on Twitter

Meanwhile, the Rapid Response Squad of the command in a statement said calm has been restored to the area and urged Lagosians to go about their lawful duties.

“Our officers responded to the violent fights that broke out in Baruwa/Gate area of Ipaja this morning. Calm has been restored to the area. One person was confirmed dead,” the statement read.

“The killer and other suspects have been arrested while intensive patrols of the area is going on. Lagosians are urged to go about their lawful duties, especially in the axis as their safety and security is being made top priority.”

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