PHOTOS: Swiss Angel Foundation provides portable water to Vakpe-Aneta

It was a breath of relief for the people of Vakpo – Aneta as Swiss Angels Foundation, a Non – Governmental Organization provided them with a clean and reliable source of water with the support of a German couple, one of their donors.
Vakpo – Aneta is a community located in the North – Dayi District of the Volta Region. It has over the years been faced with the problem of getting a good source of water. The community relies on the River Dayi for their daily activities although the river is not wholesome. They fish from the river and use it for recreational purposes as well.
Based on the demand for a clean source of water, Swiss Angels Foundation came to their aid and provided them with a mechanized borehole worth a little over 30,000 Cedis.

At a mini durbar on the 7th of September, the Co-founder and Director of the foundation, Francis Daffor stated that, the foundation has given help to various communities and cannot afford to watch people in the district where their office is located suffer hence their decision to come to the aid of the people of Aneta. He urged the people to develop good maintenance culture in order to keep the facility for a long time. “Your ability to take proper care of this facility would encourage us to bring other projects to your doorsteps” he added.

The elated Assembly Man for the community expressed his deepest gratitude to the foundation on behalf of the community and gave the assurance that the facility would be given the necessary care as they make good use of it. He stated that some water related diseases would hence be prevented.
Swiss Angels Foundation was established in 2017 by Angelo Margiasso and Francis Daffor- and has since its establishment helped various communities in health, education, sanitation and philanthropic donations.

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