Professor Dzaka donates 20 pieces of Computers to Adidome Senior High School

Professor Dzaka donates 20 pieces of Computers to Adidome Senior High School

Renowned Professor, Professor David Dzaka has benevolently donated 20 pieces of computers to Adidome Senior High School.

In a ceremonial event held on the schools’ compound on 11th April 2022, the noble educationist released all the items and handed them over to the headmaster of the institution, Dr. Vincent Atiku. The new computers according to the professor will enhance the effective study of ICT in the school.

Adidome Senior High School was earlier facing problems in that department. The headmaster, who was mainly the mastermind behind this donation expressed his heartfelt appreciation.
“I made this appeal to our able professor when we met some few weeks ago, I’m therefore privileged and happy for this gesture. Though we still have a lot of needs, I will gladly accept and ask for more to be done for the school” he added.

Adisec headmaster - Dr Vincent Atiku
Adisec headmaster – Dr. Vincent Atiku

Professor Dzaka though was happy he could assist the school in times of difficulties, he also spoke about how things are difficult importing items into the country. He stated that he wanted to import 40 pieces but due to high import duties and the number specified by his company he couldn’t receive all the 40 computers. He then urged Mafi Kumase Senior High School to be on standby for their share.

The head of ICT, Mr. Dieu Done, spoke briefly about his excitement upon receiving the computers. “My work will be a bit easier because is no more 200 students sharing 1 computer. I still need more because the number of students is over 2000 but I’m happy about this. God bless the donors for this gesture”, he added.

Adidome Senior High School is one of the biggest Senior High Schools in the Volta Region commanding over 2000 students.

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