Reasons why Ghanaian Youth have charged the president to #FixTheCountry after several years of hardship

The Youth of Ghana have tolerated enough of the disappointment from leaders of this noble country, Ghana. Even football that brings joy to us have been politicize with agony and pains in the heart of Ghanaians. In this article, we will look at some failed promises by the ruling party NPP as outlined by NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi and also look at some failed promises by the NDC that NPP identified but haven’t tackled yet.

NPP failed promises.

1. One region, one Theatre: “We will pursue the construction of modern large seating theatres in every regional capital, except Accra, beginning from Takoradi, Tamale and Kumasi”. (page 172)

2. One district, one market: “Develop modern markets and retail infrastructure in every district to enhance domestic trade”. (page 30)

3. Construct New harbors at Jamestown in Accra and Keta. (page 78)

4. Restore the Korle lagoon, including the reintroduction of its fish stock. (Page 55)

5. One district, one hospital: “upgrade all existing district hospitals where they exist and where they don’t, establish a new one. NPP’s aim is for each district to have at least one hospital”. (Page 119)

6. Provide free Wi-Fi for SHS and Tertiary students….. (Page 11)

7. “Work with the private sector to establish trauma centers along the main highways”. (Page 120)

8. Build two (2) new Police hospitals in Sunyani and Bolgatanga. (page 149)

9. Build a new Military Hospital at Tamale. (page 149)

10. Construct two (2) Prison Service Hospitals, one for the southern sector and one for the northern sector. (Page 151)

11. Establish an oil refinery in Takoradi. (page 46)

12. Build Solar parks in the northern part of the country. (Page 42)

13. The NPP will fight corruption head-on through preventive, detective, corrective, and punitive action. (Page 135)

14. Amend the relevant sections of the Criminal Offenses Act, 1960 (Act 29) to make corruption a felony rather than a misdemeanor. (Page 137)

15. Achieve double digit GDP growth annually for 4 years. (page 13)

16. Reduce government borrowing. (Page 13)

17. NPP will adopt a quality, affordable housing for all strategy. (Page 73)

18. Tar gravel roads, especially in areas of high Agric production and tourism. (page 77)

19. We will reduce the cost of doing business. (Page 13)

20. One million dollars, per constituency every year. (Page 61)

21. One village, one dam. (Page 65)

22. One district, one factory. (Page 31)

23. NPP will establish an automatic mechanism for transfer of statutory funds to designated agencies such as GETFUND, DACF and NHIS. (Page 137)

24. Stabilize the currency exchange rate for the long term through prudent and disciplined macroeconomic management, an increase in domestic production and an increase in exports. (Page 16)

25. Shift the focus of the economic management from taxation to production, (page 14)


In a speech by then flag bearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo Addo, he also outlined how the NDC failed woefully during governance.


The NPP’s ‘broken promises encounter’ with the media came two days after the governing party launched a promise filled manifesto Saturday.

There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept – Freddie Blay said.


– Putting People First is the first thematic area of the NDC. How many Ghanaians feel Mahama has put them first. It is nothing more than lies. The NDC said in its manifesto that 100 million free exercise books have been distributed; in the green book it says 42million exercise books were distributed.

Job Creation

The biggest source of employment is agriculture. The cocoa production which was at its highest under Kufuor as plummeted under Mahama. The NDC says the youth employment is creating a number of jobs but that is insignificant.GYEEDA was a vehicle used to loot the country’s resources. By January 7, 2009, when the NPP left office, it employed 110,000 youth under NYEP in two years.

When the NDC came into power it sacked all these youth and after 8 years it has failed to employ even a 100,000 youth.


Auditor General 2014 report says over 5 billion of Ghana’s tax payer which cannot be found and yet nothing has been done about it. Nobody has been held accountable.How can the then vice president investigated for corruption by his boss John Mills be trusted to fight corruption? How can a president who admits to collecting a 100,000 dollars worth of vehicle from a foreign contractor be trusted to check his appointees who are likely to collect same.

2021 catastrophe why we the Youth are angry

Earlier, it was announced that there will be an increase in the price of things starting from May 4th. This has caused a serious debate amid salaries of workers remain the same.

The pain to pay for what was given Ghanaians as free during the outbreak of covid has also generated displeasure among we Ghanaians.

Teachers are one of the victims that one can work for 30years and still be poor. You can only own a bicycle and a farm.

Government officials will loot millions and go scout-free but ordinary Ghanaians will be punished for stealing 1 goat as a result of hunger.

If you are not related to a politician, you will find it difficult to get a better job or you have pat huge sums of money.

Government officials fly for medical attention abroad why ordinary citizens die in Ghana. Even if you will be flown outside, you need donation from friends and concern citizens to be able to do it. Rest In Peace to Michael (A die hard Sarkodie fan) and Ray Pencil arts. All died with pain.

These 2 parties NDC & NPP must stop playing with our future. Only oldmen are ruling but they keep telling us we are the future leaders.

Please drop the rest in the comment section for me. The president must fix this mess. Ghana is more than 60years but sometimes I prefer that we get back to be colonized again. #fixTheCountry #FixGhana now Mr. President and your vice. The dollar is running like a cheetah 


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