Seven (7) things to do if your phone battery doesn’t last

You may have a phone with a high battery capacity but you find that it always drains battery faster than normal. If this is the case, then apply the seven tips below;

1. Avoid Charging the Phone Overnight

Some people put phones on charging so that they wake up when it is full. This is harmful because at night, you will be sleeping and won’t be aware if the phone is 100% full. This will cause overcharging which leads to swelling of the battery hence negatively affecting it’s lifetime.

2. Turn off Location

Always turn off location icon on your phone in order to increase the time in which the battery will last.

3. Turn off Diagnotics

These diagnotics uses a certain percentage of your battery though they are not important. To turn them off, go to settings, google and select the three dots on the top right corner.

4. Use the Phone in Good Internet

The poorer the network, the faster the battery drains because much signal will be sent to the network cell tower. Always use the phone when in an area with a stable network connection.

5. Avoid Using the Phone while Charging

Using the phone when charging is also harmful because the battery will be multi tasking. Avoid it.

6. Restrict Background Apps

Turn off the background apps from your phone settings. These apps uses the battery even if you are not operating the phone.

7. Charge Fully before Using

Make sure you charge the phone until it’s full before you start using it. Don’t terminate the charging process.


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