Video: Seven(7) yr-old kids caught chopping themselves in the bush


Seven(7) year-old kids were caught chopping themselves in a bush just beside a tree. Stand and take.

It has been predicted that the world and everything in it would be destroyed one day.

However, it appears that the world would be destroyed before its time.

We sat back on our sofa, and the only news we heard was what the old would call tragedy.Things that the elderly despise the most.

People were tarred and feathered for such behaviour.I t appears to be the standard these days.

Today’s kids are unconcerned about ethics. They will engage in any bbehaviorwithout hesitation.

A video has gone viral about young kids of age 7 seen chopping themselves in a bush.

We are very shocked to come across such a video. Couldn’t believe what was ongoing in the video.


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