Six(6) attractive things girls like about guys, No.6 is a must

Dear gentlemen, here are five things that every man should do to become impossible to resist any woman.

1. Make yourself appealing.

To be irresistible to any girl, you must first be desirable. If you want to portray oneself effectively, you should dress nicely and in a coordinated fashion. This is not necessarily true when you spend a lot of money on clothing that has no purpose other than to make you look attractive. As soon as you put on something basic and sleek, you’re ready to go. When one dresses nicely, one exudes an air of refinement. Women are always drawn to men who exhibit these characteristics.

2. Keep a pleasant body odor.

When you emit an offensive odor, others must maintain a safe distance from you. It’s normal for a person to want to get rid of something that causes them discomfort.

3. Have a great sense of humor.

Girls struggle to assert themselves against males who make them snort. You should not make jokes with the intent of injuring her; instead, you should consider it. If she has a large mouth, refrain from addressing her as such; it will make her feel emotionally uneasy. As a consequence, you’ll know what kind of shaggy dog story to tell a lady when the occasion arises. If you have an excellent sense of humor, girls will find it difficult to resist you.

4. Regardless of your busy schedule, always be available.

When a female perceives you as a pleasing and compassionate person, she may fall in love with you. Generally, guys serve as a source of inspiration for women.

5. Take her on a date and spend money on her.

Ascertain that the item you purchase is something she appreciates and enjoys. This technique will render you completely appealing to any woman.

6. Determine her preferred languages of communication and work on your abilities to communicate with her in those languages.


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