Six(6) Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Smile When She’s Angry

1. Keep aside your ego and talk to her.
One of the major problem in Relationship is “EGO” Imagine yourself arguing with her about who’s right or wrong. Well, even though you have done nothing wrong, Don’t Argue with her, by arguing with her, you will make the matter simply worse. Instead, be humble and overcome your pride, and make your Girlfriend smile.

2. Give her a hug.
For girls, Sweet kisses and hugs and feel extra special and sweet. Your touch can tranquilize and make her smile in times of anger. So, be there to hold her hand and give her a warm embrace and make your girlfriend smile instead of arguing with her.

3. Make her laugh.
Humor has a significant place in a relationship. It is one of the most powerful tools you can use to charm a girl off her feet. Even when your girl is angry at you, a few funny lines or gestures can make her forget the anger she’s feeling at that moment.

4. Be sweet to her.
The worst thing you can do when she’s mad at you is to try and win the stand-off by outlasting her anger and emotional distance. Show that you can get past your anger and work on being a couple. Give her sweet gestures and talk sweet to her, instead of arguing over the matter.

5. Make her feel loved.
A girl needs to know she’s loved and appreciated even in the middle of arguments. Show her respect, understanding, truly listen to her and acknowledge her emotions, rather than fighting back at her.

6. Look her in the eyes and give her your best smile.
Instead of showing her your angry face, look into her eyes directly and give her your best smile. Your smile has the power to make her smile too.


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