Spain records highest increase of coronavirus deaths but infection rate drops

Spain recorded another 838 deaths from the coronavirus infection, according to new figures from the Spanish Health Ministry on Sunday, bringing the country’s death toll to 6,528.

Although the increase was the highest yet recorded, the percentage increase fell, from 17% to 14% — the lowest since March 16.

The total number of active or current coronavirus cases rose to 57,560 from 54,273 — an increase of 6% — which is sharply lower than on recent days. On Saturday, the number of active cases recorded rose by 8.8%.

A total of 4,907 people are now in intensive care in Spain, an increase of more than 300 since Saturday. But the Health Ministry also reported that a total of 14,709 people had recovered from the illness, a rise of nearly 20% from the previous figure of 12,285.

Health officials predict “stabilization phase”: On Saturday senior health officials said they expected Spain is entering a stabilization phase in the spread of the virus. But the government has decided to further tighten restrictions on people’s movements for the next two weeks.

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