Football can reposition Ghana–Kurt Okraku.

President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kurt Okraku, has said football’s positive impact on Ghana’s economy deserves more attention than it is receiving now and calls on governments to use the massive influence of football to reposition Ghana.

Football has been one commodity selling Ghana’s image worldwide and is a positive reference for many abroad about Ghana.

Mr. Okraku said the Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association has put together a five-member committee to support its argument with a document in the coming months on how football impact Ghana’s economy.

Adding football belongs to a special group with the capacity to reposition the fortunes of Ghana and therefore, should be given more support and attention from the government.

“Our executive council having realized that we have not been given the needed attention”, he told 3Sports.

“So, we decided to form a five-member Committee to put a document together to tell us the contribution of football towards the national economy and this is a process we have started.

“We believe that we deserve more attention, we believe that we belong to a special group that has the capacity to reposition the brand called Ghana in a much stronger way.”

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