Ten (10) secret things that all girls do but will never admit

Women are the most secretive and the most clever being on earth. They do some things whenever they’re alone and you won’t even believe they can do these things.

They’re things they do in secret and when you ask them, they won’t even admit it.

Below are 10 secret things that all girls do but will never admit it:

1. They fart.

You will hardly see a girl that will admit it, that she is the one that fart even if she is the one. They will pretend as if they don’t fart, whereas they’re even worst. You’ll never hear this from a girl.



2. Look in the mirror and feel fat.

Most of these girls always look into the mirror and say they’re fat. I don’t understand why, it seems whenever they check their self in the mirror, the mirror do expand them. This is usually done secretly and they will never discuss it.

3. They smell their partner’s cloths.

Don’t think nothing happened to your cloth when you leave it alone with a girl, they will make sure they smell it. It might probably be because they miss you or something else. It’s a secret, they won’t do it in your front, they will secretly smell it at their partner’s back.

4. Edit Whatsapp conversation before sending screenshot to their friends.

When their friends ask for a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation, they will firstly edit it before sending it to their friends. This is done to impress their friends and it’s all a lie. They won’t even admit to it if you tell them it’s a lie.

5. Wear the same bra everyday and rarely wash it.

Girls may have a lot of bras but will only wear the ones that will package everything well and they will rarely wash it. You will hardly find out unless you’re seeing her bra everyday because she won’t tell you.

6. Pretend to stretch in other to check the situation of their armpit.

When you see a girl stretching unnecessary, she is just trying to check the condition of her armpit. Even if you caught her, she will never admit it.

7. They eat too much whenever they’re alone.

Girls will pretend as they don’t eat, but let them get to their various home, you will see how they will be eating like someone who just came back from desert.

8. They sing loud whenever they’re alone.

Especially the shy ones, whenever they’re alone they sing so so loud, but when they’re outside, they will pretend as if they can’t.

9. Wish there is a guy who can love them so much.

Girls might pretend as if they’re not interested in love, but whenever they’re alone they feel there is a guy who can love them too.

10. Ladies feel jealous a lot but won’t admit it. If a girl like you a lot and she sees you around a girl, she will feel jealous. Even if you notice it and ask her, she will still deny it, they keep it as a secret.

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