Ten(10) names you must call your partner to pamper them. STOP the Sister Akweley & Bra Yaw

Most relationships and Marriage failed because the couples or rather the parties involved forget to do the right things which are one of the most important things required of them in order for them to have a good marriage or relationship.

The ingredients needed for you to enjoy your marriage or relationship with your partner are;

1) Good Character

2) Appreciating one and another

3) Admiring one another

4) Protecting one another’s interest

5) Speaking for one another both at home and in public.

6) Calling each other romantic names.

The major thing we are going to discuss or talk about is the romantic names which everyone expect his or her lover to call him or her but particularly I’m going on the names every woman expects her man to call her.

For women, the romantic name is one of the things that entices them, brings out their feelings towards the man she loves and makes her heart to fully come out and again be submissive to the man and as well make her to feel loved.

If you want your woman to be under your control and be absolutely submissive to you as a man of the House, you have to be giving her the names she expects from you, don’t just call her by name.

Calling each other by name is not romantic, calling each other by name is not advisable, calling each other my name doesn’t show that you guys are lovers, is just looking as if you are roommates to each other and I believe that’s not the actual thing which you have in mind initially before getting married to your woman.

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The romantic and loving names you can call your woman include the following;

1) My Heartbeat.

2) My Princess.

3) My Queen.

4) My Children’s Mom.

5) My Joy and My Happiness.

6) My Blood.

7) My Darling.

8) My World and My Soulmate.

9) My Honey Comb. 10) My Superb Angel.

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11) My pride.

12) My Sunshine. 13) My Angel.

14) My Candle Light.

15) My sugar.

16) My Kiss.

16) My Treasure. 17) My Crown.

18) My Morning Sun.

19) My Honor.

20) My Beauty or Pretty.

If her name is Angela or Angelica, why not call her Angel.

If her name is Deborah why not call her Deby.

Choose your choice; you can decide to be calling her the names above randomly or pick anyone that’s special for you.

Make your woman to feel appreciated, loved and special too both at home and in public places.


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    1. Also not bad but I think Angel makes her feel more comfortable. She will definitely feel she is angel in your life even if you don’t mean it.

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