Ten(10) signs guys show that you should break up with him

The Ten Red Flag Signs That The Man You’re Dating May Be Violent are mentioned below.

1] Any man who insults your parents regularly is not worth your time. Who are you if he would insult your parents in your presence? You must flee for your life.

2] Any man who hits you or threatens to hit you without warning is dangerous. Such men have the power to annihilate you in a marriage. Before it’s too late, run as fast as your legs can take you.

3] Any man who is too lazy to work but is always talking about large sums of money is risky. These men have the ability to be ritualists or fraudsters. If you don’t run for your life, he’ll pull you along with him when the cops arrive.

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4] Any man who doesn’t talk about his dreams or what he wants to be in the future isn’t the right fit for you. A man who has no life plan is planning to fail. And a failed man is a frustrated man who is able to vent his anger on you at some point in the future. You must flee for your life.

5] Any man who humiliates you in public poses a threat. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care for you in the first place?

6] Any man who refuses to believe that he is wrong is extremely dangerous. If you attempt to correct their mistakes, those men will beat you into submission. Run for your life.

7] Any man who deliberately treats you poorly and laughs at you when you are hurt is unfit for you. And do you have any idea what immature people are capable of? It’s perilous.

8] Any man who sees nothing positive in you is not the right man for you. Such men will always treat you as though you were a slave because they believe you have nothing to give them except being in the other room, which is dangerous.

9] Any man who lacks the fear of God is unworthy of consideration. Such men do not attend church and do not pray. You can’t afford to pay the ultimate price for a son who has been poorly raised and refuses to improve.

10] Any man who isn’t good to the least important people in his life, such as gatekeepers, bartenders, and salesgirls, isn’t worth it. Bullying the weakest members of society gives those men satisfaction. Even if there’s no one else around for him to harass, he’ll always bully you because it makes him feel good. If he refuses to adjust, get out of there as soon as possible.

Don’t be swayed by money into doing something you’ll come to regret.


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