Ten(10) spiritual ways that are used to make money in Nigeria

Spiritual ways of making money come in a lot of different forms. Spiritual ways to make money in Nigeria are not about black magic, spiritual teachers and healers, meditation, or something similar. They are all about goodwill, faithfulness, and honesty.

Spiritual ways to make money in Nigeria

Let`s briefly discuss the top 10 professions that require really high moral and ethical standards and demand high level of spirituality. We can easily distinguish them as spiritual ways to make money in Nigeria.

1. Police force

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

Working in the police force deals with protecting people from almost every disaster. It can be robbery, assault, terrorism, violent neighbors, or natural disasters. It is not so easy, because this kind of job requires saving and protecting human lives, which are the greatest wealth. Only a faithful and honest person can do this wholeheartedly.

2. Clinical medicine

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

Just like the previous job, this one also saves and protects human life. In other words, doctors give people second chances to live. Obviously, this kind of job needs the highest levels of spiritual and moral values. There is a huge responsibility on their shoulders and the health of humanity is in their hands.

3. Law

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

Only a sincere and honest person can fight for human rights. Lawyers also save lives and give people second chances. Lawyers are needed in business, government, and even in the health sector. Integrity and discipline is a must in this profession.

4. Teaching

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

Our future depends a lot on education. Teachers give all their time and devotion, all their love to their pupils and students. This profession can be called a spiritual one because it demands high moral quality and true love for your occupation.

5. Army

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

Only a soldier can understand what it means to risk his life every day in the name of his family and country. These courageous men and women are the real heroes of our time.

6. Food industry inspection

Food inspection is the most necessary activity in every country because the life and health of the whole society directly depends on food. These agents continuously check our food for the presence of substances harmful to health and life.

7. Chemistry

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

If our lives and health lie on the doctor`s palm, our planet’s existence depends on the chemists’. The faithful work of this specialist can save millions of lives.

8. Meteorology

This professionals warn us about various natural disasters. Thanks to their work, we know about the weather every morning. Having knowledge in geology and geography, they inform soldiers about the right camp locations. The most important thing is that they always try to prevent natural disasters.

9. Library and bookshop ownership

Spiritual ways of making money in Nigeria

You could think that owning such a business it is not a big deal, but there, you can find everything you want, beginning with personal development and ending with writing a book.

10. Political leaders

A corrupt head of state can make all citizens suffer. A careless head cannot serve the country correctly and the consequences of such will be dangerous.

This job depends, first of all, on trust. The president must protect the country from internal and external forces, he must forget about his personal wealth and work only for the general welfare of the citizens of his country.

Now you know more about how to make money spiritually. The main thing is to have goodwill and a loving heart because they will have a direct impact on your job or business. Some spiritual ways to make money listed in our post, unfortunately, will not bring you bags of money. Our post today is not about making money but about devotion and love for people. However, we hope that very soon, all jobs that require high spirituality will have a fair wage and involve only truly faithful people.



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