Ten(10) types of girls every guy should avoid. No.1 is dangerous

As much as you want to run things with a lot of girls, you must be extremely cautious lest you fall into the hands of those who will absolutely destroy you. There are girls out there who are searching for someone to ruin in some way; as a result, I’m going to highlight ten different types of them for whom you should be particularly vigilant.

Do not fall prey to the following ladies;

1. Any girl who complains that all men are the same is a potential suspect. You’ll never know if all men are the same until you measure a large number of them. Those kinds of women are usually cheaters, so stay away from them.

2. Avoid any girl with a lot of tattoos on her body because it’s not a sign of responsiveness.

3. Avoid any girl wearing a nose ring or a foot chain because these accessories do not indicate responsiveness.

4. Every girl who still puts her phone away when she’s with you has cockroaches in her cupboard and should be avoided.

5. Any girl who does not work yet constantly travels from one state to the next should be avoided because her traveling project may have a negative impact on you.

6. Any woman who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided at all costs.


7. Any woman who has more male friends than female friends is unable to be understood or trusted.

8. Any lady who is only thinking with herself and not about the future should be avoided. Those types of girls would prefer that you continue to spend on them regardless of whether or not you have any savings.

9. Any girl who refuses to tell you about herself is not to be trusted and should be avoided because you would be unable to understand her.


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