Ten(10) types of men women wish to marry. Check your ranking guys

When it comes to choosing life partners, most women just don’t settle for whomever comes their way. There are some traits they look for in men before saying yes to them. You may have wondered why a lady you have dated for years refuses you when you proposed.

It could be that you lack some of the qualities i am about to mention. Like i have always said in most of my articles, money is not everything. Though money plays a very vital role in relationships but most ladies who have morals and dignity will always look beyond money in choosing their life partners.

It is because of this reason i have decided to write this article to educate us about the bad characters some men posses in relationships that is unknowingly chasing their women away, and how they can change from them and be better men to their spouse.

Below Are Ten Types Of Men Most Women Wish To Marry

1] Protector

Most women wish to get married to a man who is willing to defend them in public even when they are wrong. Not the ones that will turn their backs on them.

There are some men who don’t defend their women in public. If your woman does something wrong, ensure to defend her against others in public and give her a very sound warning and correction in private.

2] Good Cook

A man who can clean and cook very well is also the dream of many women to get married to. Most women desire a man who can make them good food once in a while when they are not feeling well or on their menstrual pains, or during pregnancy. Not the type of men with the only women are supposed to cook and clean mentality.

3] Good Adviser

As a man, you should be able to give your woman good advise. Most women desire men who are capable of advising them on the right path to take in any life decision they make.

Your woman should be able to see you as her role model. You wouldn’t want your wife to seek advise from other men when you are there as her husband……It’s a slap to your face.

4] Respectful

Of course, everybody wants to be respected and women are not excluded. Most women wish to get married to a man who is willing to respect their opinions and good decisions they make in life. Not the ones who will push them around and ride over them as though they own them.

5] Supportive

This is one of the vital traits most women looks forward to in a man they wish to get married to. Not all men knows how to be supportive to their women. Most men don’t really allow their women to do what they are good at and what makes them happy.

They always dictate life for their women based on their own terms, which is not too good. Try to be supportive to your wife in anything she chooses to do in life provided she’s happy with it.

6] Trustworthy

Trust is a word that is easily said but very rare to find in humans. When it comes to trust, it takes time for it to be earn. And once it’s earn, you must protect it with all cost for you not to lose it in the eyes of your spouse. Most women wish to marry men who are trustworthy.

Men who are willing to abide to whatever they say and promises they make. Men who are reliable, honest and truthful. Once a woman realises that you are trustworthy she will do anything to keep you to herself.

7] Equality

I am not talking about the type of equality most feminists refers to these days. The one am talking about is a situation where a man sees his woman as his partner not subject.

You would agree with me that most men out there don’t give their women the necessary space a partner would give their mate. They treat their women as commodities they bought from the market, which is not too good. If you are one of those men you better change.

8] Good Learner

There are some men who refuses to learn no matter how hard you try. Not that they don’t know what to do to change from their behaviours, but they always believe that whatever they do is right.

Most women don’t wish to spend the rest of their lives with such men. As a potential husband material, you should be able to learn and unlearn. You should be able to change from one character into the other if you noticed that it’s breeding misunderstanding in your relationship.

9] Ambitious

This is also one vital traits many women look for in men that they wish to get married to. Nobody is willing to marry a liability. A man who’s not willing to thrive to success is not the dream husband of any woman.

So if you are a lazy man who always waits to be fed by a woman, be rest assured that you will remain single for a very long time until you are willing to be useful to yourself.

10] Wealthy

Of course, wealthy men cannot be counted out of the ten types of men most women wish to marry. As humans, we all thrive to make money and be financially sufficient, but money is not all that qualifies one to be a husband material.

You would agree with me that some wealthy men still gets rejected when they propose to their women. So for you to be a complete gentle man, you must have the other traits mentioned above.

I hope you have learned something new today? If there’s any topic you want me to write about let me know in the comment section below. If you think I missed out on something, let me know too. Remember to like and share this article for others to read one love.


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