Ten(10) ways to detect if your phone is being tracked by someone

A lot of people have fallen victim to unfortunate circumstances simply because they were ignorant of the fact there is somebody out there monitoring every bit of their activities through their smartphones. We are living in a very sophisticated age where people’s privacy is being burst even without their knowledge and this including tracking the activities of their mobile phones.

People are being tracked today for various reasons such as crime, suspicious relationships, or simply to acquire classified financial information. The summary is it will amount to a big disaster for someone to have access to all your personal information. And The bitter truth is, not even a very secure password can protect your phone from these spies.

In most recent cases, phones are being tracked through spies apps. There are plenty of spying apps on the internet today that can monitor all of your phone’s activity without your knowledge. The question is, how do you know if someone is tracking your phone through a spying app?

In answering that very tactical question, I will be sharing with you 10 ways to detect if someone is spying on your phone.

1. Abnormally high data consumption

If you discover that your data subscription gets exhausted quickly even when you did not personally use it to download or stream videos then something might just be fishing. Spy apps use a considerable amount of data to send collected information from your phone.

2. Phone shows signs of activity in standby mode

You discover that your phone’s screen light just lights up on standby mode and it’s not a call, message, or any other conventional notification then you should know that something is wrong.

3. Sudden Reboot

If your phone has suddenly developed the attitude of rebooting without any tangible reason it likely that someone has gained remote access to your device.

4. Odd sounds during phone calls

You are making phone calls and you are hearing odd sound even when the network is alright there is a possibility that someone is tapping your conversation.

5. Unexpected Text Messages

Did you receive any unusual message, containing information you could not interpret and you did not even know the sender? Watch out, something might just be wrong. Spying apps sometimes such messages to communicate with one another.

6. ​Failing battery life

One of the obvious indications of the presence of spy software on your phone is if you experience sudden and unusual weakness in the performance of your phone’s battery life. Most spying apps on background, recording, and sending your phone’s activities to the third party device. This in turn increases the rate at which your life is drained.

7. Increasing battery temperature in idle mode

You are not operating your phone but the battery temperature is just increasing, if no technical fault is detected, then there is probably a spy software at work.

8. Taking too much time to shut down

9. Difficulty in turning off your phone

Spy software working in the background may prevent your phone from shutting down.

10. Your phone is working too slow than usual

Modern phones are equipped with powerful hardware and software that enables your phone to run many different apps at the same time. If your phone starts working slow something is wrong somewhere.

What is the Solution? 

Most spying apps are very difficult to detect but if you discover that your phone is showing any of the signs above, navigate to your device manager and check for any unusual app that you don’t know or did not install by yourself and install them. The safest way is to factory reset the phone and ensure the apps your install are from the Google play store.

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