This “Foto Copy” is better than the original- Halifax jabs Qwaachi

Speaking on Okay 101.7 MHz, entertainment host and pundit Halifax Nana Ansah Addo made some stunning comments during an interview with Foto Copy on “Best Entertainment Show” that caught the public’s attention.

7year-old Foto Copy

After allowing Foto Copy to premier his song with a sing-along performance, Halifax was amazed at the young man’s energy and lyrical content. Foto Copy released his first single “Megye medow” which features Qwaachi and Clemento Suarez few weeks ago.

At 7years, he has been extremely focused and doesn’t look distracted. His performance on Okay fm got Halifax emotional which made him say certain things. The young prodigy is combining academic work and entertainment at his age. Qwaachi, his manager has reteirated that he will make sure he doesn’t go astray.

Below is his video featuring Qwaachi and Clemento Suarez

“He is under strict supervision, there is no way he will go out from his mansion due to how tight security is. The only time he sees his friends is when he is out for school or Sunday school”, he added. Qwaachi also stated that he doesn’t see anything wrong trying to push the boy as long us it is for a good course.

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Watch video below for full reaction


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