Threatening : Dr Kwame Afriyie files to contest for NPP National Organizer

NPP’s Dr.Kwame Afriyie has filed his first ever nomination for the National Organizer position on 14th June 2022 at the party’s head office.

He has so far been preaching about bridging the gap between the grassroots andthe government is Dr. Kwame Afriyie who filed his nomination on 14th June 2022 at the party’s head office for the National Organiser position.

Addressing the press, Dr. Afriyie said, “The grassroots are like orphans, they have no one in government to cry to for help but they are the root of the party,” Dr. Afriyie stated.

He made it clear that his bid for the Organiser position is to help solve the grassroot problems.

“We can’t hand over power to NDC in 2024, the polling station executives, constituency executives, regional executives, and the campaign team members who woke up at dawn in 2016 to vote for change and maintained power in 2020 by giving 4 more years to the NPP government to steer the affairs of this country must enjoy the fruit of their labor, they must feel the belongingness of the lower they fought for”, Dr. Kwame Afriyie stated with passion.


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