Three(3) Important Things To Do To Recover Memory Space If You Have Low Memory

Your Phone Tells You “Insufficient Space ” Here Are 3 Things To Do To Recover Memory Space If You Have Low Memory

If you’re not ready to buy a new phone, and your phone doesn’t have a handy microSD slot for some extra storage, you can probably still pick up a decent amount of free space with some simple house cleaning. Here are some suggestions on how to get back some of that storage.

1.Delete any unused apps

If your phone’s memory is actually low, you can quickly free up some space by removing any apps you don’t need.
To delete an app, tap and hold it, then drag it into the “Remove” field (usually the top of your screen) and drop it there.

2.Delete all the Unnecessary Media

There are lots of media like videos, photos, music that are not useful to you. Delete all those media and you will get a fair amount of space doing that. Clearing a few will also give you a lot of Space.

The best way to save your media is to backup your media in your google drive so that you can delete them from your phone’s memory.

3.Save Pictures & Videos to External SD Card Instead of Internal Memory

Photos and videos consume a lot of storage on the Android device. In addition to moving them to a computer, you can fix the issue of Android storage space running out by saving your pictures or videos to an SD card.

If you have already stored photos and videos on the phone’s internal storage, you should firstly remove them to the SD card. After that, change the default storage for the pictures and videos to the SD card.


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