Three(3) reasons why men cheat in a relationship

Men have always been accused of being the bad one in a relationship. Most men don’t cheat because they are not satisfied but I think because of a small detail ladies don’t pay attention to it. Below are a few things I came across.

1. Girls denying their boyfriends seks.

The most important thing that causes men to cheat is when their partners starve them of natural food. Most men cannot contain the stress of handling the disappointment they get from their women. The only option they have is to prepare another soul

2. Delay in Proposal reply

Some ladies will cherish a guy but will delay his proposal for soo long. Guys who are of the same view like me,”If you are going to buy Jollof and it is finished you can buy waakye”, tend to propose to other ladies who are likely to accept them as early as they want. Then later the girl who was keeping the proposal reply will show up. As usual, we will keep the two and be having fun.

3. Busy with excuses.

When a girl is always busy and does not have time for his boyfriend will definitely play a secondary role for him. In reality, guys are strong but also need some romantic and emotional support.

These are subject to my understanding and the things I have seen. Please share your thoughts and come back for part 2.

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