Three(3) things to check when buying a new or home-use phone

With the constant improvement on every phone, we want to tell you three things you should consider when buying a new phone. This will help you get the difference in all versions if iPhones, Samsung, infinix, tecno, huawei etc.

1. Check the phone version.

In this case, the phone version is very important. This is true if you want to enjoy better trending features in the tech world. If you want to know the phone version, you need to follow this simple procedure.
a) Go to the Phone app and select Settings.

b) Scroll down the drop-down menu until you see the About Phone option.
c) You can check the version of the phone you are purchasing in the software information. Check out the screenshot below.


2. Check the RAM on the phone.

Random access memory (RAM) is where data is stored. This is the capacity required to store the application and data such as the information contained in the application on the phone. The phone may look good, but you’ll notice that it has less RAM. This means that before you download some apps, you need to buy a memory card to support them. The best phones require at least two or three RAMs. Removing it more often will make the application run faster and protect your phone from viruses. You can check the RAM of your phone by following the steps above in step 1.

3. Telephone ROM.

Read-only memory (ROM) is the opposite of RAM. You can delete, edit, and modify the data in RAM, but not in ROM. It’s the storage your phone has and comes with applications that can’t be uninstalled. The more ROM, the more sophisticated the phone. A low ROM on the phone will automatically reduce its value and reduce the performance of the required functionality. Go to the settings above and browse for storage. You can see how much storage space your phone has.
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