Three(3) types of women guys should avoid dating. No.2 is very important

Women are the most sweetest thing that can happen to men but this same women can cause us so much pain and sorrow when things eventually goes wrong.

Marrying a pretty woman is very important because of the joy you will get and also the praises but what if the whole thing turn upside down, i mean what if that become a big disadvantage for you?

women of nowadays hate to suffer especially those pretty ones so if you don’t have the financial capability to take care of them, it might turn out to be a fatal crisis in the family.

Let me show you three types of women you shouldn’t even bother yourself to marry if you are not rich.

Lets hit the nail straight up.

1 . Too Pretty women

The number one on my list here are women who are very pretty, why i place them on the first list is because of the type of attraction they can get from other men out there especially if they are light in complexion, this women need money to take care of their skin to be able to glitter just as you saw them, liked them and married them.

if you don’t have the money, they can easily begin to look outside because there are many men there who are willing to take care of their need especially if they are advised by their fellow female friends.

2 . Too curvy women with lot of backside.

Men look big backside and figure eight, even me too.

these type of women are problem invitees, this is because whenever they walk, no man will stop looking at them because of their almighty shape and backside, if you don’t have money then don’t even bother of marrying them except if the woman truly loves you otherwise it will become a big issue for you tomorrow.

3 . Materialistic women with high class and taste.

I have come across so many women but the one with the highest liabilities is a materialistic woman with high class and taste, these type of women spend money extravagantly without thinking twice.

if you are the type that is not rich, then i advice you to stay away from these type of women either they are beautiful, or curvy.

You might not be able to keep up when she begin to throw up her excess demand for luxurious thing to meet up with the latest fashion and trends.

My advise to the men is that they should avoid marrying women because of the physical attributes but court the lady and find some decency in her before going to marriage and don’t rush anything about marriage because this is an earthly everlasting commitment that you might not be able to pull back as soon as you are in, the type of woman you marry will determine how successful you will become in life.

If you marry a woman who don’t value investment and saving then be ready to start eating from hands to mouth and you might eventually loss her to other men too.

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