Two female employees Stabbed at New York’s Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA)

A report from the New York police states that a Museum of Modern Art patron whose membership card was recently revoked stabbed two MoMA employees on Saturday when they denied him admission to the famed midtown Manhattan site and then fled.

The two victims who were reportedly women, were quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment. The women survived multiple stab wounds to their upper bodies but per a statement made by John Miller, the deputy New York City police commissioner, they are all going  to be well. “we’re told they’re going to be OK,” he told a news briefing afterward.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers launched a manhunt for the suspect, who is believed to be on a long escape run.

The suspect, when told that his membership card had expired and was denied entrance by the two female employees, he became upset, jumped over the reception desk and stabbed the two. This is  according to Miller. Surveillance video footage showed him fleeing the museum moments afterward on foot but is believed he is still on the run.


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