Uncharted Path” set to take over Ghana cinemas on 13th November

“Uncharted Path” set to take over Ghana cinemas on 13th November

Caught in the middle of America and Africa Politics, CIA agent Tatiana Johnson and her allies bring you “Uncharted Path”, a Hollywood and Ghallywood action-packed movie by Ashtut Media.

With aid to Africa being a major discussion topic globally and focus on the mid-term evaluation of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) on Africa, international attention has been turned to the serious issues of poverty, communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and conflicts faced by Sub-Saharan African nations.

While donor countries and international development agencies tend, in general, to focus on the “problems” such as deficiencies in governance, dictatorships, corruption, conflicts, and insecurity of multi-ethnic societies, the political realities of individual African nations, each of which has its unique characteristics, does not allow us to generalize them with such a stereotypical view.

In a bid to tell some of their stories, Ashtut Media has put together some of the best actors and actresses from Ghana and abroad to shed light on a few mind-blowing secrets people are not aware of.

To wet your appetite for this movie, CIA Agent Tatiana Johnson is caught between America and Africa Politics. She faces an internal Battle with her American allegiance and her African Identity.

Cast includes Anthony Woode, Roselyn Ngissa, Ashley Oluigbo, Patrick Lende etc. The movie will be premiered on 13th November 2021 at the Sap Cinemas Accra with tickets going out for a cool Gh30 for singles and Gh50 for double. Call 0593936200

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