VIDEO: New mortuary man runs for his life after corps they brought woke up

With the scarcity of jobs all round the nations alike, we see people working where it isn’t their expertise. Especially when someone actually studies a certain course in school and is now a specialist there but can’t get a meaningful job in their field, they just go witg whatever is made available for them.

Many times people are told to do what they can, don’t go forcing yourself to work where your strength isn’t. It’s just the plight of a world with an increasing population and scarce availability of jobs.

In the video below, a certain man who just got a new job, got the scare of his life when he was to attend to a corpse in a coffin.

The said dead man woke up and the shock from this experience sent the new mortuary attendant running and screaming for his dear life.

Haha, it’s quiet hilarious to watch.

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