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Video: Nigel Gaisie launches attacks on his 70-year-old Landlady

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel has been captured in a viral video attacking his landlady.

The Prophet is seen in the video furiously going after his landlady 70-year-old landlady where some of his associates interfered and intercepted them. He made many attempts to get back at the old lady but he wasn’t given any space.

According to the report, Nigel Gaisie is inflamed after he was told to collect his trash which has been there for a while and was probably smelling.

The video is currently causing a stir online! But apart from that, people are wondering why Prophet Nigel Gaisie doesn’t have his own mansion?

I mean, a man of God who can brag about wearing GHC 100,000 Cartier watch should be able to own land and build a decent house for yourself for your own peace of mind.

Watch the video below;


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