What is Sidicoin?

Media personality Bridget has called out dancehall musician Stoneboy for endorsing sidicoin after he posted about the digital currency on social media.

What is Sidicoin Club NFT?

The Sidicoin club is an exclusive network body (community) that accords members the right to own singular or several digital non-fungible assets (Sidicoin tokens), which comes with physical real tangible assets, that is considered a real store of value (99.5% pure 25g gold coins physical token representing each virtual Sidicoin NFT)

The Sidicoin club is an exclusive network body (community) that offers members the right to own singular or several NFTs (Sidicoin tokens), which comes with a physical real fungible asset; a 99.5% pure 25g gold coin physical token representing each virtual non-fungible token. This precious metal is a real store of value. The Sidicoin can be monetized in two ways; that’s by permitting the use of your purchased digital token for promotional purposes in our community and other mass media outlets, in return for 4% off the Sidicoin NFT floor price monthly royalty payments for twelve (12) months. Royalties payments are credited to beneficiaries Ethereum wallet every 30days. The second means is by the outright sale of your virtual Sidicoin NFT, which goes together with the physical sidicoin gold coin token to secondary buyers.

How much is the Sidicoin NFT?

Pre-sale price is $6,500 and launch day floor price is $9,500

How can one join the Sidicoin Club?

You can join us via @sidicoinclub on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and discord channel. Join our discord to be the first to find out.

Where will I be able to view my NFTs?

Once you mint your Sidicoin NFT, all you will need to do is to log into your opensea account to view your collection.

What accounts are needed for royalty payments?

Our royalty payments stem from a twelve months usage of your minted Sidicoin tokens for publicity; promotional purposes on our official Sidicoin club website and other digital media platforms. By virtue of the fact that, the Intellectual property (IP) rights are reposed in beneficiaries after all token purchases, the owners of the minted tokens that are utilized in our publicity and communications endeavors, are entitled to royalty payments on the use of their intellectual properties; a major proponent under Property rights.

What is the weight of your gold coin and on what basis do you calculate its price?

It is 25grams, 99.5% pure per a token. Pricing is based on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA); an international regulatory body based in the UK that determines price of gold worldwide. Secondly, there’s also a value addition component which stems from the physical coin minting;- smelting to refining, assaying, rolling, cutting, engraving or embossment, packaging and transportation. The final factor includes but may not be limited to taxes and levies, royalty and shipment charges.


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