Which one is the best ‘KOLIKO’? Fried Yam vs Fried Sweet potato

Most Ghanaians despite their traditional foods finds it a must to get something ‘light’ when they are hungry or even after their usual diet.

The notion as to which of these brothers is the best still remains a question mark even though our survey can tell the preference with just a slight difference

A fried Yam with hot ‘Kpakpo shito’ stew (frytol) not too well cooked having a thick sausage beside it will not be bad for an afternoon when one is at work or just break from lectures. With a bottle of cold Voltic you are okay to reduce the hotness of the pepper.

Speaking to Churchill(Naa), a student of Africa University College of Communication and a seller as well, she exposed the excitement customers show when they see fried yam. Some of them prefer adding fried fish and that makes me go “Gaga”. I think being a seller they patronise the yam often than the

Now, get a fried sweet potato with a red pepper and few tomatoes with an oil containing fried onion, mixed On the floor and combine with ‘koliko’. My brothers & sisters,(in Prof Mills Voice) with addition of fried ” Kpalah” there is nothing to distract you from accomplishing your goal before the day ends.

The zeal to work comes from food if not always,at least 80% does. Ghanaian dishes comes with a specific flavour and foreigners finds it attractive to test them.

Leave your comments. Which of the “KOLIKO” is your favourite, Fried Yam or Fried Sweet Potato?

Potato,she added.

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