Woman cries bitterly for help after using her husband & 3 kids for money rituals

A 40 year old Mrs Haajarah Armand south African woman who is a multi-millionaire and one of the richest women in south Africa cries out for help as her soul is been tormented by the hunting spirit of her once beveled husband and 3 kids says “i need help and deliverance am tired of this torment in life” say the woman, after seeking for the help of the public we are yet to see the respond of the south African pastors and what they can to.

In a society where women are favored and cared for it keeps the public wondering why a woman who says she loves a man and even bear offspring’s for him use her 3 kids, a boy and two girlss and her husband for money rituals. what a heartless woman.

A few words said by the woman “I married this man when he was poor and I was very ashamed of the life we were living so I talked with a few friends and told them my problems and they promised they will show me the way and source for their excessive wealth, I was happy I will be the one to lift my family up, finally they day we planned on meeting in her office she called me on my cell phone and said I should not worry that she will come to my house and pick me up so I agreed but also surprised, after waiting for her and finally seeing her and entering her car she was driving for a long time and I was curious so I asked her, “but this is not the way to your office she replied and told me we are not going to her office today that we are going somewhere else I kept on asking but she later said we were going to see her real boss her helper, I believed her and kept quiet and slept for a while she woke me up a  few minutes and she said we have gotten there and I can come down now,so I came down and looked around and all around were bushes and I was shocked and quickly asked her were we were and she said again don’t you want to get rich already I was motivated by the ideal and visualization of being rich and being among the society top women so I felt okay and followed her on getting to where e were going we arrived at a very big shrine  then she asked me to pull my shoes and walk with bare foot I obeyed and followed barefooted I inside when we got there i sat down and greeted the old man and as I was about to say the next word he told me to be quiet and that he knows my reason for being and that all my problems are solved and that all I need to is always pay homage and always visit him for consultation I was surprised and happy that I was not going to sacrifice anything””




Credit: operastudio

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