Woman kills her four(4) children by poisoning them

Naivasha Murder: A mother from Naivasha wrote a letter explaining why she had killed her four children. According to the letter, the mother, Beatrice Mwende Kimotho, 42, addressed the letter to her eldest son.

She claimed that her frustrations started in April when she became unable to pay her house rent. She was unable to settle a Sh. 1,400 electricity bill.

“I know I belong to jail… in fact I know I will spend the rest of my life behind bars but I am prepared for it,” the hand written letter reads. She then accused her boyfriend of betraying her love. “I loved him dearly. Have nothing to do with him…He pretended to be what he is not,” she warned her son.

Describing her former lover as evil, Ms Mwende wrote that she learnt he was involved with a sugar mummy and that the man’s property belonged to the woman.

“If only I had a stable job, I would have not killed your siblings,” she said. She went on:

“I know I belong to jail… in fact, I know I will spend the rest of my life behind bars but I am prepared for it…”

“As for you, take care of Bravo. Be his Guardian Angel. I know you two have a different character but learn to tolerate one another.

“As for the house rent. I have paid up to April. May and June are not yet paid…You can sell all the items if need be.”

“I have a deposit of Ksh. 5,000 with the agent (caretaker). Keep my clothes safe and especially the ones bought recently. Nobody should wear them.”

In the letter, she noted where she wanted her children to be buried, noting that she had already bought new outfits for them to be buried in. “I have already purchased the dresses…” she wrote. Naivasha Murder.

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